From forecast to market supply
Crop simulation

How much is produced and how much production is converted into market supply is uncertain for all participants in the supply chain. The accuracy of the market supply is influenced by two factors: strategic behavior by growers, cooperatives and wholesalers and by the accuracy of the yield prediction itself. Simulation sessions are used to investigate whether the market supply can be predicted with a higher accuracy.

Emotions in the trade of vegetables (MSc-thesis)
Photo: Twitter Ruud van der Vliet

Although rational decisions appear to determine trading, emotions and stress can also play important roles. This project investigates the relation between trading behaviour and emotional expressions using software. The emotional expressions and behavior of account managers at Rabobank Westland were recorded in simulation sessions.

Trust in the horticultural supply chain

The aim of this project is to analyze trust within the horticultural supply chain based on the YUTPA framework. YUTPA is a five-dimensional sustainability model that is suitable to be applied in horticulture.

van Kooten, O., Nevejan, C., Brazier, F., Oey, M., & Hubers, C. (2018).

Trade in greenhouse vegetables
FLTR Niels Wäckerlin, Bob Dijkhuizen en Luuk van Koppen

Trade in the supply chain of greenhouse vegetables is characterized by fragmented and limited information and uncertainty about the volume of supply and demand. This is compensated for by strategic behavior. Three students (TU Delft) developed for this a gaming simulation. In simulation sessions, employees of cooperatives and wholesalers got to know the trade and trading behavior in a safe environment.

Implicit functioning of the market
Simulation session advisory board

The greenhouse vegetable market operates like a black box. Together with participating businesses and organizations which participated in an advisory council, researchers, developers and students from Delft University of Technology developed a simulation to find out how the trade in greenhouse vegetables functions.